Things that make me happy

Dear Reader,

Nobody writes dear anymore neither they write letters. Sounds like a sad story. Where instant messaging is the new form of communication and a space to write however it's pleased. Why is now everything old schooled called "cliché"? Not many years ago it was what had to be done. Nobody accepted less. It was what they were taught. 

Since when agreeing was a simple "K", or wanting to get the attention of someone is a blue check? It's all messed up. 

So I distracted myself a little bit on the way of writing a small list of things that make me happy. If I start naming them all probably I would never end, but let's have some fun and name a few. 

1. Letters, letters, letters. 

Since we were in the topic of letters. Let me say that one of the things that makes me happy is when someone special or close to me takes the time to write me a letter or even make me a drawing. If you gift me anything that's made up by you with all your heart is definitvely the best present of all. 

2. Airplanes 

I remember the very first time I got up in an airplane my mom was afraid that I was going to be scared of departing, the height of seeing everything so small & landing by getting the feeling of rollercoasters that I would start to cry.

I will never forget how adventorous I felt on my very first time flying over the clouds. I wasn't afraid at all. I freaking loved it! The rush while you depart or land in the airport. Getting to know the other passengers. Having the greatest view of the world up high..seeing the clouds, the ocean, the mountains, the houses, and buildings from the very top, seeming what is big, so small.  

3. Pizza, pizza. 

Oh my god! Heaven to the mouth. If I wasn't born in my paradise homeland Honduras, definitively I will fit in Italy. I not only love pizza, I love pasta, olive oil & wine way to much. Also, who doesn't love Italy's architecture? If I could just live the fantasy of Lizzie McGuirre's trip to Rome. 

4. Rainy days

Falling asleep with the sound of the rain. Drinking coffee, hot chocolate or chai tea while watching Netflix is perfection. 

5. Sunsets

My favourite hour to take a walk by myself and just think or not at all. Just taking the moment to appreciate the beauties of nature. 

6. Baking

A time that you can be creative and explore flavours for a bomb taste dessert.

7. Roadtrip

What's the best way to know your country than roadtripping? Getting to all those small restaurants, getting to know the people, the culture..everything. Singing out loud, falling asleep, eating snacks. 

8. Coffee

A must drink in the mornings & at 4 p.m. with a semita. The best coffee I had taste till the moment is Guascotoro coffee, from a small town located in La Paz, Honduras.

9. Turtles

Seeing this babies swim is a sign of the beauty of life. 

10. Adventures 

That's what life is built of, daring yourself to do something new that will fulfil your soul.

11. Desserts

Cheesecake, Pan de Pan, Tres Leches...

12. Bonfires

Doesn't matter where you are, being surrounded by friends with this baby is one of the most overwhelming things. Playing some music, eating marshmallows, telling stories. A blast!

13. Birthday cakes 

It's my birthday, it's someone else's birthday, it's a reason or excuse to be happy, have fun & celebrate life. 

14. Dance

It's one of the best ways to express yourself & let everything out. They say "dance like nobody is watching."

15. Playing guitar

Just goofying around with the chords, creating your own music, playing your favourite songs & learning new ones it creates a satisfaction that's undescribable. 

16. Hugs

Even people that say they don't like hugs, like them. It makes you feel a warm flame in your heart that makes you fill a space inside. 

17. Museums

My favorite place in the world. Appreciating history and what's being writing right now for future generations to mesmerize. The feeling of staring to one piece of art for hours and it's capability to make you feel different emotions at once. 

18. Music

Tuning out the world and just spinning the world thru my ears and thoughts. 

19. Candles

The different smell of candles, can turn around a bad day into a happy space. 

20. Brunch

Doesn't matter what hour it is, what hour you wake up you must have breakfast. 

21. Christmas lights

Twinkle, twinkle, little star..they simply bring up such much joy. I love everything about christmas, putting up the christmas tree, the lights, the food, the mass, the family all gathered together.. it's perfect! 

22. Movie nights

I know this one is in your list too..doesn't matter if it's out in the cinema, or a small PJ with your friends, you love it. Maybe some netflix and chill type of weekend?

23. Nature

When you plant a flower and seeing it everyday until it blooms, it's like what?! Is this magic?..amazing how everything in the world has being created. 

24. Orchesta

The sound that you feel through your ears to your soul is just happiness. 

25. Puppies

The gif says it all. 

26. Volunteering 

People always tell me that I sacrifice a lot of my time for others, but what they don't know that helping others is happiness. That I am happy every second of it. It's fulfilling, it's not a sacrifice.

27. Zac Efron

If you know me, you'll know that my high school crush was this boy since he was a fetus in Summerland. Look at him! 

28. Workout

Challenging yourself. The only person that you are fighting is you.  Pretty much I feel happy when I finish the complete routine.

29. Photography

Capturing THE moment, the people. It says it all. Being capable of feeling everything you felt just by looking back at a photograph that captured a memory. 

30. Beach

Getting into the water, jumping the waves & simply listening them, the long walks in the beach, my happy place.

Everybody has those small things that make them uniquely happy. 
What are some things that make you happy?


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