Ugly truth: Failure

You know whats funny, since we are born we are raised to fight for our dreams. We are raised with this idea that we have to be succesful. So we start going to school, we need to be in the football team, we must not fail that class, get a spot in one of the best universities, get that job, get married & build a family. The list goes on.

But what's more funny is that nobody teaches you about failure. We go through life playing safe. If you fail, people seem to stare at you with a weird look. It's seems that it's better to stay at home & to not try anything. At least there is no feeling about having failed right?

People always say that to achieve success all you need is to keep fighting, to have pacience, believe in yourself. Like if this was the magical potion or an equation to be succesful, when there really isn't. We won't always be able to achieve everything we want. We are humans, we aren't invinsible. We do wrong, instead of focussing in the bump we made, we focus in the pain that it produces and we don't realized that we are built up by failure. That's failure, knowledge.

We are humans, we bump up in the same rock several times & we need to keep falling into it, that's the only way we learn something new each fall.

Everytime you fall & you get back up, you become a better version of yourself. You start thinking about what you did wrong & what you can do better.

It's how we deal with all the stress of failure that help us define ourselves as a persona. Once you fail in a near future you'll turn back and be happy that it happened, because you wouldn't be standing where you are today.

Being a "failure" is not an insult. In a Curriculum Vitae, how many failures you had made in the past than the number of masters you had done is what actually measures how valuable you are. You know why? Because there's no career in this world that teach you to know yourself. The world lacks of people that have that eager to start something new because of fear. There are a lot of ideas in the thin air waiting to be materialized, but if there is no one to make them a reality, they are pointless.

Some examples of people that failed, & it build them who they are today:

Michael Jordan, he was kicked out of his High School basketball team. After thousands of shots that he missed that where decisive to the team, he became one of the best players in the world.

Oprah Winfrey, they said that she couldn't be a TV reporter because she was unfit.

& the list goes on, but they weren't afraid of trying & learned from their failure.

Failing is not shameful, not doing anything is. 


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