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I am challenging myself to blog more. Today I had planned to arrive home at night, sit in my computer & write, but things change I am not arriving home & don't have a laptop at hand. Honestly I was going to use it as an excuse to not post. Who I was going to lie to? Myself. So I decided to grab my phone & give it a shot from Safari. Guess what I was writing & the post deleted. Who also wished they didn't deleted the blogger app? Google please design an app!

I am going to share with you a list of TV shows that I enjoyed watching. 

1. Narcos 

Great actors, production & storytelling. 

2. Jane the virgin 

Probably this is the closest I had being of seeing a telenovela. 

3. How to get away with murder 

They know how to twist everything & create a drama that will leave you with intrigue. I can't watch this show episode by episode.

4. The Vampire Diaries

A drama with relationship goals. Elena & Damon did it all. 
5. Suits 

A must watch for lawyers. Who doesn't want to be like Harvey Specter? Always being right like Donna. 

6. Friends 

A classic. Everyone has a good hour of laugh. If I am honest I haven't seen all the episodes. It's like it never ends. 

7. 13 Reasons Why 

Great colors & message for high schoolers as parents. 

8. The Flash 

My favorite super hero. 

9. The Carries Diaries 

It had a lot of lessons for me at the time of release.

10. White Collar. 

I enjoy this type of series. I wanted to be like Neal & he is really handsome. Neal & Peter relationship. 

Pretty much this are the shows I had seeing all its episodes, there are a lot of other shows I had seen & enjoyed.

Which is your favorite show? 


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