Pet Peeves

I am one of the most patient persons but still I hate some stuff that people do. So I share with you a small list of some of my pet peeves:

1. Someone that complains about everything.

2. When people post 10 instagrams in a row even when now their's a multiple photos post option.

3. People that abbreviate things while texting.

4. People that aren't proud of their nationality & believed they where born in another place.

5. Too much public display affection.

6. People that don't cover their nose when they sneeze.

7. When people through their clothes in the floor.

8. People that talks during the whole movie, answers the phone and screams, they through "jokes" for everyone, clap when the movie finish.

9.  When people disrespect other people's opinion because is divergent of there's.

10. Dirty toilets. Why couldn't you flush your poop?

11. When the driver in front drives too slow.

Which are some of your pet peeves? 



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