I wish I knew as a teenager

Everyone makes mistakes (Did anyone also sang this phrase or just me?) we sometimes don't listen or didn't knew about it and the only way we learned was by experiencing it, one day wishing to knew all this things while we where younger.

If you are ever passionate about something doesn't matter what it is or where you are, don't let the people around you tell you that if you study that you'll suffer hunger, don't let the location you are be an obstacle to evolving. Make things work that's the only way you would be happy doing what you love for the rest of your life. 

Some people aren't worth fighting for. We humans need social relationships to grow, but be wise to choose the one's that will help you nurture to become a better version of yourself everyday. Don't stick to the person that don't appreciate you and just spreads negativity towards you. 

Stop worrying about the past. Live the present because if not you'll be suffering and regret not enjoying time that you could. 

Listen to your mom, she knows everything. It could be about the boy that you used to call boyfriend, she still respects your decision but somehow she describes you everything he is capable of doing, you don't want to believe any word because you trust him. Story short, your mother was and is always right. 

Show the people that you love them with no fear at all. Not everyone stays or lives for ever, enjoying every second that you have being given the opportunity to share with them. If you don't you'll feel guilty for the rest of your life of what could have being. 

Nothing in life comes easy. If you failed, or something went wrong don't quit inmediately keep trying over and over again until you master it. Everything that's worth having is hard to get. 

Everyone moves in there own pace. Don't ever compare your chapter one to someone's chapter twenty. Experience life for yourself the way you want to achieve your goals. 

Doesn't matter where you are at, if is in a trip, a bar, anywhere don't let some people or your thoughts ruin it. Seriously doesn't matter what's happening just discover, have fun, do crazy stuff because at the end you are the only person that defines your attitude towards things. 

Sometimes the people you less though they would be there for you, are the one's that help you in bad times and laugh at you in good times. Let yourself open to different friendships and relationships. Don't close your heart just because someone broke it, not everyone is the same.  

This are barely some few things I wish I knew as a teenager. 

What other things you wish you knew as a teenager?


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