The beginning of MaferWrites

The beginning of Mafer Writes

I am starting all over & I have no idea where to start

I'm Mafer a twenty year old law student about to graduate, feeling amazed of experiencing the true lawyer life thru this 6 months of internship taking real cases for the first time, going to court & litting it up. 

A lot of people say "you're to young", I may be in age but in brain I know which choices to make. Nobody is perfect neither am I. Definitively I will make a lot of mistakes at first, as everyone does in the beginning of their careers & still on the long run, but what makes us wise is not the age if not the risks we had taken & what we had learn from each experience.  

Age doesn't define when a person is ready, the person is the only one that choose to be.

I already talked a little bit about me, so now let's talk about this internet corner 

It's not the first corner of the internet world that I write on, because in reality is my second one. I started a web called Concientizando where I wanted the readers to have a different overview of the world. Now a new beginning in MaferWrites is waiting for me, a space to connect in the most personal way possible. 

I know for a fact that a fresh start with no drafts, different name & everything new will make me write about anything & everything with no limit of labeling myself through my blog in a certain way. Letting me be myself & let the blog shape in a divergent way. 

Like a new white canvas that I can paint a new colorful & rollercoaster drawing of life.

I guess everybody by now have an idea where my blog name comes from

My name is María Fernanda, there's a lot of ways that I can be called: Mari, Marifer, Fer, Nanda, Mafe...& my favorite one Mafer. & then we add up Writes, simple as that..a space where myself can just let my fingers touch the keyboard with no rules at all.

Do you have a blog? 
What's your blog name inspired on? 

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