Photo diary: Soroguara, a small town

I share with you some photos of my weekend with my family in a small town called Soroguara, that's located in the North of Francisco Morazán, near Tegucigalpa. 

Unas foticos de un fin de semana compartiendo en familia, en un pueblito llamado Soroguara, ubicado al norte de Francisco Morazán, cerca de Tegucigalpa.

The tree you saw shoots of me has being always there, since I was little I enjoyed climbing up & just staying in the top to enjoy the view. One of my favorite things in small towns are the hamacas, seriously they are the best, just to read something or take a good nap while listening the sounds of nature & not that lousy noise of the city.  

I also made some new friends that run from me all the time. Are they my friends? Like you see the little chicken always run. All I wanted to do is take a photograph but I don't know what they where thinking. 


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